This is an unusual country. One would think, as Tjutčev did for his country, that this country cannot be understood, it could only be loved.
Serbia is a big mystery. A country of border guards, in between worlds. The house in the middle of the road. The tower of holy warriors. The poem among nations. Yarn of the most ancient memories. This sun in our eyes, this bread on our palm. (...) This is how Serbia is described by its poets, in whom the drama and beauty of the Serbian area and Serbian destiny resonates deeply.
A traveler, if he is open and curious, is often surprised to realize how precious cultural and historical layers on which modern Serbia rests are. The ancient times are here more ancient than elsewhere on the “old continent”. Chroniclers and scientists do not exaggerate when they say that the First Europe was right here, in the Serbian areas in Central Danube region, and that this is the land of the oldest known alphabet in the world.

Format: А4
Volume: 392 pages


This series of Roman emperors who were born in Bal-kan provinces came into power at the times when “the crisis of the Empire entered the dark and irretrievable apo-gee”. The first millennium circle of Rome was just closed, cohesion forces weakened, basic values were undermined. Simple, forged in poverty, brave, they were growing up with the profound sense of honor and faith, bringing the original genius loci of these territories and legacy of great memory, they were building, all of them, their military careers on the basic Roman ethical principles: pietas, devotio, fides. In them we recognize ideal, life force and strength, which the Roman Empire was losing rapidly. Having served faithfully to the Empire — says Milan Budimir — they deserved to become masters from subjects, and to dress the effort, hard-ship and sacrifice of generations of ancestors into imperial gowns, as a divine reward. Exactly this connection with the roots from which they had grown, kept bringing them back to the country of their birth. There they searched for eternal peace and memory.

21х30 cm
Volume: 280 pages


Five serbian lux monography.
The best from Serbia, three languages (serbian, russian, english)!






One hundred years from the battle of Kumanovo

The battle that, already at the very onset, resolved the First Balkan War and began the final stage of one hundred and fourteen years long Serbian Liberation Revolution. Symbolic unfolding of the Battle of Kosovo from 1389, bringing to an end of the Turkish occupation of the Balkans and liberation of Serbian Holy
Land. The background and course of the battle, its heroes and tragedians, visible results and long-term consequences, important documents and heart-stirring personal confessions.
Well written, scientifically based and lavishly illustrated monograph, in hard cover and full color.

Format: 20х21 cm
Volume: 240 pages

Dragan Lakićević


There is an ancient and deep image of Belgrade as a mythical town on holy waters. In all eras, it gave rise to numerous magical stories, puzzling legends from which, they say, the city is built. Why was Belgrade so important for the Serbs and why are Serbs so important to Belgrade? Why did they search for one another for so long, through millenniums and generations, and what really happened when they finally discovered each other?
Between history and fic­-
tion, dream and reality, the book of the most beautiful legends about the capital of Serbia, Serbian times and Serbian destiny.
Hard cover, full color, with illustrations.

Format: 20х21 cm
Volume: 100 pages

Milena Z. Bogavac

Love Stories of Serbian Rulers

Behind the stage of history and politics, behind the masks of calculated and cruel world, what we­-
re really the loves of that long series of famous couple? How did they branch out, blossom or wither in their own hearts? Through barriers of authority and complex obligations, titles and protocols, court curtains and mists over battlefields, did they manage to reach the other and themselves?
A compelling and exciting book, reserved but profound, full of fire and inner vortices, subtle but perceptive.
Hard cover, full color, with illustrations.

Format: 20х21 cm
Volume: 132 pages


Serbia – Geo-poetical Album

The book before you could be called an album, testimony, anthology of documents. It does not want to persuade. It does not propagate, does not impose, does not spin. It is not a PR, lawyer, blabby advertising agent. Neither is it a tourist reporter, steeped into phrases and the type of self-termination called routine. Just like on a long and beautiful old-fashioned journey, when you sit in a train and open curtains on the window, numerous images will be unraveling in front of you. Watch them calmly and with curiosity, as an explorer, with your eyes and eyes of those to whom you will be telling about the journey. Some of these images you will remember right away, the others you will occasionally retrieve and restore your fine connection, and maybe all of them will merge into one, into a large mosaic portrait of Serbia that you will carry forever.
And do not forget the warning of one of the most ill-fortuned princes in world literature: “It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”

Size:21х30 cm; Volume: 240 pages

Serbia, The Golden Apple - second edition

The new publication of the most beautiful monograph about Serbia, in separate editions in four languages (English, Russian, Italian and Serbian), with abundance of top quality photographs and texts written by great people of words. “The book of most beautiful landscapes of Serbia”, “painted with two hues of gold – Byzantine and Baroque”, “the book on perseverance of beauty and spirit despite scarce times”. “The book in which Serbia itself unravels before our eyes, in its most lavish state”.
Lavishly equipped, in hard cover and several versions of luxurious leather cover, printed on the best paper, with a possibility of hand made production of your unique copy!
Presenting various aspects of Serbian history and culture, from prehistoric testimonies on exceptional cultures and civilizations in the territory of Serbia, through rich Roman and medieval heritage, to important contemporary events, “SERBIA, THE GOLDEN APPLE”, with its beauty and style, exceeds all books on Serbia published until today.

Just like good news travel fast, “SERBIA, THE GOLDEN APPLE” reached all continents and meridians, arousing enthusiasm and building a different image of this country, beyond the propaganda and other stereotypes.
Awards: “Tourist Flower 2006” for the best book in Serbia in the field of tourism, and “Gutenberg 2006” at the International Book and Graphic Fair in Banjaluka

Size: 23.8x29.6 cm; Volume: 288 pages

Get to Know Serbia I


Edition “Get to Know Serbia” is now available in the form of books! Representative volume Guide through Cultural and Historic Heritage in ten large chapters-topics, summarizes numerous materials from the history of Serbian culture and people. Cultural heritage of Roman Empire in these territories, cities of golden Serbian Middle Ages, the greatest battles of Serbia, famous women, famous loves of Serbian rulers, Serbia in important foreign chronicles, foreigners who built themselves in Serbia and Serbian culture...

Size: 20х20.6 cm
Volume: 252 pages


Get to Know Serbia II


Volume Guide through Spiritual-Historic Heritage, also in ten chapters-topics, presents in a very interesting way various elements of grandiose Serbian spiritual heritage. Saints and anointed rulers, all Serbian dynasties, sacred images and temples, sacred mountains and waters, pilgrimages, holidays and saint days, visionaries and benefactors... A large volume of data, names, top quality photographs, renowned authors. A table book, guide, reference book. All this, and much more!

Size: 20х20.6 cm
Volume: 252 pages


Edition “Get to Know Serbia”

How much do we really know about this country and this people, about their history and culture, natural beauties, important people, artists and works, cities, symbols, music, gastronomy, wines, humor...?
Based on the belief that to know is a prerequisite for to love, edition “GET TO KNOW SERBIA” teaches us what we have not learned yet, reminds of what we have forgotten, and stimulates us to go to places where we have not been. Its volumes are pretty, practical, excellently written and lavishly illustrated.
An excellent gift for you, your children, friends, business and other partners!

Size of each volume: 19.5x19.5 cm.
Volume: 24 pages (total 504)
21 volumes in a set, on kunstdruck paper,
full color, wire bound, in a special box!


Guča – Tin Soul of Serbia (1961-2010)

In exactly half a century of existence, Dragačevo Trumpet Festival in Guča has grown into the most powerful brand of Serbian mass culture and become a true global hit, like Carnival in Rio. “Princip Press” has three publications on this event (and phenomenon). Guča. The National Festival of Serbian Jazz is a bilingual Serbian-English edition (format 23x21 cm, 120 pages), Guča. The Tin Soul of Serbia is in Serbian (format 15x22.5 cm, pages 160), and Guča. Half a Century of Trumpet Festival (1961-2010) is a luxurious monograph published on the occasion of the jubilee Festival (format 21x31 cm, pages 448). All editions are lavishly illustrated, with abundance of documentary material and live stories, with the best texts ever written or sung about Guča.

Size: 21х31 cm; Volume: 448 pages


Guardian of Holy Graves

Size: 20x20.6 cm. Volume: 288 pages.
Paperback and hard cover, sawn, full color



Award: “Moštanica” (for the best
publishing project) at the International
Book Fair in Banjaluka 2010.

Serbia – The Golden Apple

Serbia-The Golden Apple is a book of the prettiest landscapes of Serbia. The best photographers took pictures of Serbia. Rivers, mountains, cities, people…this book accompanies them in their search for beauty. And the Creator wasn’t frugal here… (April 2006)

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Books About Cities

In a separate series, in its recognizable manner, “Princip Pres” explores cities in Serbia. Built as a guide book, history book, account, each of these lavishly illustrated books is dedicated to one city. It presents chronology of the most important events from the foundation of the city until present time, overview of history of its economy, culture, arts, sports, leads us through its sacral and monumental heritage, tourist offer, through all suburbs, to its rivers, nearby mountains, excursion grounds, spa centers... It introduces life and mentality of its people, humor, “local mythology”, works and successes of the most famous citizens. Books full of pleasant surprises even for people who live in those cities.

Size:14.5x20.5 cm.
Volume: about 200 pages


Orthodox Wall Reminder for 2015

Exceptionally beautiful, large Orthodox calendar for 2015, with images of saint for every day. For each month in the new year, for each Serbian home, classroom, office!

Size: 31x32 cm
26 pages

Orthodox Serbian Archbishops and Patriarchs

An exceptional book, the pages of which include biographies of leaders of Serbian Christian Orthodox Church, from Saint Sava to patriarch Irinej. Lavishly illustrated and exquisitely equipped, blessed.
“... Among archbishops of Peć there were different personalities, but all of them left their unique mark and memory... Many of them were included in the domain of saints, thus gaining a universal significance and radiation. A number of them have gained, through their sacrifice and martyr’s death for Christ and the people, the title of martyr-priests... The continuity of archbishops and patriarchs at the throne of Saint Sava is a testimony and confirmation of continuity and vitality of Serbian church and its Saint Sava people...” (from the Foreword by His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral)

Size:20.6x20 cm.
Volume: 216 pages


Orthodox Reminder for 2015

Orthodox Prayer Book, for each day a hagiography of the saint the day is dedicated to, space for your notes – all this makes another excellent edition of this publication, which should be your companion also in the upcoming year. Hardcover and with several versions of leather binding.

Size: 23 х 16 cm,
Volume: 216 pages

Touring Serbia – by roads, railways and rivers

The most comprehensive tourist guide of Serbia so far, a synthesis of the best European models, including an important and specific Serbian contribution.
It is at the same time a reliable guide for travelling, geopoetics, cultural-historical and economic panorama, a recommendation of established destinations and an invitation to an imaginative exploration. All in one book. In Serbian and in four major world languages with over 2000 illustrations...

Size: 14.5x20.4 cm
Volume: 592 pages

Tourist Bible “White Angel”

A voluminous guide through cultural heritage of Serbia, printed alongside in Serbian and English, this representative book has long been a bestseller in bookshops. “Not so much a guide through space as through time, less geography and more history and story, less a travel guide and more a reference book, less an encyclopedia and more an attempt to identify in Serbian heritage, more often tragic than happy, the civilization values preserved through centuries, what has marked the Serbs forever as a European nation and Serbia as an important European region.” In hard cover and several variants of leather cover, lavishly illustrated, written with masterful simplicity and reliable insights, this is a concise textbook on Serbian history and culture, the book for each Serbian house and library, in all meridians.
Award: “Gutenberg”, at the Book and Graphic Fair in Banjaluka, 2006.

Size:19x19 cm
Volume: 464 pages


Tourist Info Serbia – Welcome to Serbia

A three lingual edition in Serbian, English and German.
Automobilist atlas, measured distances, prices of tolls, exchange offices, map of cultural monuments, motels, restaurants, mechanics, gas stations, useful telephone numbers, ambulance, hospitals…



Belgrade in your pocket

A mini-guide through Belgrade with a map of the city center with the most important buildings and monuments of Belgrade marked and highlighted, and a map of Kalemegdan Fortress – both maps are adjusted to follow the text and the actual tourist’s walk through Belgrade. Three separate editions:  Serbian, English and German. With its unusual dimensions, three-part cover, with texts condensed to only a few sentences, and its rich illustrations and practical information it provides, this pocket guide should be a truly popular edition, and especially useful to foreign visitors who are only passing through Belgrade, having time only for “Belgrade for beginners”.

Size: 6.5x15 cm   
120 pages


Corridor X – European Roads of Culture

CORRIDOR 10 is a travel book – tourist guide that leads its readers through the Serbia’s most important travel route mapped as Corridor 10 on the European road network that connects eight European countries. This European transversal through Serbia follows a destination from Subotica to Presevo with branches towards Bratovci and Dimitrovgrad. The book is part of the international edition “European Roads of Culture”. Corridor 10 consists of Serbian and English parallel texts, and very detailed maps.
From Šid  to Belgrade
From Subotica to Belgrade
From Belgrade to Niš
From Niš to Preševo
From Niš to Dimitrovgrad

Size: 13x21 cm 
Volume: 320 pages

Silent Bells - Christian Heritage of Kosmet

The book on Christian heritage of Kosovo and Metohija, on the precious spiritual, cultural and artistic heritage that the Serbs have left to the Christian Europe, on priceless treasure, many of which we will never see again. “Churches are being demolished, bombed and burned, frescoes exposed to deteriorate, icons wounded with knives, history being forged, the most significant Serbian monuments cannot be accessed because of barbed wire, crosses and tombs disappearing, people and cities as well... Serbs go to liturgies under armed under armed escort, like camp prisoners... However, despite everything, it is still important to say and to testify, as stated in the verse: ‘Do not silently leave into the dark night’.”

Award: “Stuplje” (for nurturing Serbian tradition and Christian Orthodox spirituality) at the International Book Fair in Banjaluka 2007.

Size: 20x20.6 cm
Volume: 444 pages

Books Fair, Banjaluka 2007

Serbia - Homeland of the Roman Emperior

Sirmium, Viminacium, Justiniana Prima, Mediana, Ulpiana... Serbia is a land of many persevered European archaeological sites from the time of the Ancient Rome. If excluded, the story about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire wouldn’t have been conveyed and completed. At the time when Roman Empire was divided administratively into Eastern and Western empires, which occurred during Emperor Diocletian’s reign, the capital of the East Roman Empire was situated in today’s Sremska Mitrovica. The book has two editions: in Serbian-English and Serbian-Italian.

Size: 20x20.6 cm
Volume: 396 pages


100 Good Reasons to Visit Serbia

The book which, in Serbian-English and Serbian-German volume, in a creative and practical manner, in words and photographs, represents Serbia, its natural and other beauties, its heritage and tourist opportunities. One hundred places, one hundred challenges, one hundred most exciting adventures for those with curious spirit, journeys and events, people and landscapes. Find your reason!

Size:29.5x21 cm
Volume: 264 pages


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