Serbia, The Golden Apple - second edition

The new publication of the most beautiful monograph about Serbia, in separate editions in four languages (English, Russian, Italian and Serbian), with abundance of top quality photographs and texts written by great people of words. “The book of most beautiful landscapes of Serbia”, “painted with two hues of gold – Byzantine and Baroque”, “the book on perseverance of beauty and spirit despite scarce times”. “The book in which Serbia itself unravels before our eyes, in its most lavish state”.
Lavishly equipped, in hard cover and several versions of luxurious leather cover, printed on the best paper, with a possibility of hand made production of your unique copy!
Presenting various aspects of Serbian history and culture, from prehistoric testimonies on exceptional cultures and civilizations in the territory of Serbia, through rich Roman and medieval heritage, to important contemporary events, “SERBIA, THE GOLDEN APPLE”, with its beauty and style, exceeds all books on Serbia published until today.

Just like good news travel fast, “SERBIA, THE GOLDEN APPLE” reached all continents and meridians, arousing enthusiasm and building a different image of this country, beyond the propaganda and other stereotypes.
Awards: “Tourist Flower 2006” for the best book in Serbia in the field of tourism, and “Gutenberg 2006” at the International Book and Graphic Fair in Banjaluka

Size: 23,8x29,6 cm; Volume: 288 pages

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