This series of Roman emperors who were born in Bal-kan provinces came into power at the times when “the crisis of the Empire entered the dark and irretrievable apo-gee”. The first millennium circle of Rome was just closed, cohesion forces weakened, basic values were undermined. Simple, forged in poverty, brave, they were growing up with the profound sense of honor and faith, bringing the original genius loci of these territories and legacy of great memory, they were building, all of them, their military careers on the basic Roman ethical principles: pietas, devotio, fides. In them we recognize ideal, life force and strength, which the Roman Empire was losing rapidly. Having served faithfully to the Empire — says Milan Budimir — they deserved to become masters from subjects, and to dress the effort, hard-ship and sacrifice of generations of ancestors into imperial gowns, as a divine reward. Exactly this connection with the roots from which they had grown, kept bringing them back to the country of their birth. There they searched for eternal peace and memory.

21х30 cm
Volume: 280 pages

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