Serbia, The Golden Apple
Photo Gallery

Searching for a way out: Canyon of the Uvac River

Play of water and wind: Devil's Town near Kuršumlija

Solitude: Suvobor (near Valjevo)

Well on the town square: Karlovci

White as a bread and ruddy as an apple: Girl in Serbian traditional costume

Grapes and wine: Fruška Gora

Embrace: picture from “Fruška Gora Holy Mount”

Saint Sava Church on Vračar: Belgrade

Sunset: Kopaonik Mountain

Skiing on Kopaonik Mountain

Cathedral in Novi Sad

Town on many waters: A lake near Bela Crkva

Danube: Мedieval fortress in Golubac

All colours of gold: Zlatibor

The mountain beauty: River Tara

Ečka on the Danube: The biggest fishpools in Vojvodina